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About Squads

Squads Abroad empowers student organizations around the world to improve health and educational outcomes. Our model matches teacher-led school groups with community driven sustainable initiatives. Each Squad chooses a defined focus area, volunteer partner organization, and an enrichment project that our groups contribute towards and complete during their trip. Our volunteers provide people-to-people educational support as well as the tangible accomplishment of a much needed small construction project. Guided by our professional staff from the native country, we offer fun and engaging cultural activities which provide a deeper cultural context and understanding. Our home-base model provides safe and private accommodations for our volunteers to enjoy healthy authentic meals, relax after a meaningful day of activities, and reflect with your group on all the amazing experiences.  Additional overnight excursions to World Heritage sites and must-see destinations and adventure activities also provided upon request.


Since 1995, Cross-Cultural Solutions has been the leading expert in international volunteering.  CCS has empowered over 38,000 volunteers to take the plunge and discover how rewarding service abroad can be for both local communities and the volunteers themselves.

With more than two decades of organizing successful group experiences, CCS is proud to offer Squads Abroad, a model specifically tailored to the educational objectives and budgets of Middle School,High School, and College groups.  Our Squads Abroad teacher-led student groups are carrying on the valuable work and sustainable relationships CCS has cultivated with partner organizations around the world for decades.

We are now proud to announce Squads Abroad is a program of Global Brigades, a 501c3 international non-profit that uniquely implements a holistic model to meet community’s health and economic goals. Since 2004, Global Brigades has mobilized tens of thousands of students and professionals through skill-based programs that work in partnership with community members to improve the quality of life in under-resourced regions while respecting local culture.

About Squads

Teacher- chaperone requirements:

All Squad groups must be accompanied by an adult-chaperone although it is not required that they be formal educators.  Teachers, counselors, faculty, coaches, parents, or any adult in a position of youth leadership may lead a group.


  • The required chaperone: student ratio is 1:5

  • Chaperones must be 25 years old or over

About Squads

Teachers Free!

We recognize that educators and chaperones who are taking time out of their busy professional lives to have this life-changing experience with their students, are extra special.


We offer 1 free teacher-chaperone with 5 or more students, 2 free teacher-chaperones with 6-16 students, and 3 free with 17 or more students!

About Squads

squad pricing

Volunteers make an Individual Program Contribution starting at $990 per week to cover all their in-country expenses, including a stay at our safe and private Home-Base accommodations.  All meals, transportation, staffing, and emergency medical insurance are included. Additionally Squads fundraise towards a Group Project Contribution of $1500 or more.

group size

About Squads

Squads Abroad is an amazing experience for groups of all sizes, but we find the sweet spot to be somewhere between 6-30 group members. Of course, if you have a larger group, we’d be happy to talk about the goals and options for your possible Squad Abroad.

who we are perfect for:

About Squads
  • Language Classes
  • Service Clubs
  • Religious Studies Classes
  • Sports Teams
  • Social Studies Classes
  • History Classes
  • Key Club groups
  • Community College groups

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